We are currently not accepting new riders for lessons or borders at this time. Please check back again for updates!

Horseback Riding Lessons
in Cuyahoga Falls

About Our Lessons

Golden J Training offers personalized horseback riding lessons for those of all experience levels — whether you’ve never been on a horse or are an experienced rider looking to hone your skills. We provide lessons for children ages four and up as well as adults in both English and Western styles.

Our lessons are a half hour or hour long and typically done once a week. Lessons are pay-as-you-go, meaning there’s no need to shell out a large sum of money for a package of lessons up front.

We have a very laid-back atmosphere. Unlike show barns where most people are learning how to show horses and compete, our goal is for you to relax and enjoy spending time around the horses.

Beginner Horseback Riding Curriculum

  • Caring for horses – grooming and picking hooves
  • Equipment – halters, bridles, saddles, and saddle pads
  • Ground work – approaching, leading, and tying up the horse
  • Signaling the horse – Instructing the horse to go, stop, turn or back up
  • Controlling the horse’s speed
  • Posting – making the ride more comfortable for you and the horse
  • And much more!

Requirements for Riding

In order to ride, we ask that you come prepared wearing the proper attire:

  • Smooth soled riding / cowboy boot
  • Long pants
  • Certified equestrian helmet

If you do not have a suitable helmet, you may be able to borrow one. Please confirm with us in advance if you will need to borrow a helmet to ensure one is available.

Take a Shot at Mounted Archery

Once you’ve got the basics of riding, you can try your hand at mounted archery! We’ll teach you the basics of how to fire a bow and then do it from horseback!

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